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demolition dust control
demolition odor control


Large amounts of dust are unavoidable in any kind of demolition work. When the demolition site is in a town or city then the dust really becomes a problem.

The mobile dust-laying sprayers supplied by Englo are particularly good at dealing with the dust problem generated during demolition work. They can be moved to different positions easily and quickly. As the source of dust moves, so the dust-laying sprayer is simply moved along with it. Very little water is used; therefore it is rare that puddles form.


The integrated pivot in the turbine makes it possible to cover a wide radius. The water mist is efficient at binding the dust and forcing it to the ground, thereby protecting the health of employees and neighboring residents, avoiding pollution of the environment and buildings, and preventing damage to technical equipment. 


Companies which can guarantee clean demolition processes have a significant edge over their competitors because they meet the continually stricter requirements and statutory regulations.


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