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landfill odor control
landfill dust and odor control


  • Environmentally friendly

  • 100% Biodegradable

  • Recognized as safe in
    the food industry

  • Non carcinogenic

  • Non-acidic or caustic

  • Non hazardous, non irritant and safe under CHIP / COSHH / REACH

  • Tested by NHS scientists and independent laboratories

Revolutionary Solutions to Odor Control and Dust Suppression

Probe America offers solutions for a wide range of dust and odor control problems in a number of environments, such as sewage treatment works, quarries and foundries, or any industry where the presence of odors or dust may become an issue.

Probe America proudly introduces a revolutionary new development to North America for odor control. Its Airopure™ Odor Destructive Technology sets a new standard for destroying industrial malodors. Unlike alternative odor control additives, AiroPure's sophisticated science means it combines physically with the odor molecules and wipes them out completely.

Innovative engineering design from Probe America has resulted in the creation of the most efficient solution available for odor control and dust suppression. The Probe Atomizer uses a revolutionary misting system that is more powerful and efficient than existing nozzle-based systems.

Whereas some nozzles can become blocked the Probe Atomizer uses two opposing meshes that slice up the water into tiny droplets. The result is no blockages and droplets at an optimum uniform size to suppress odors and dusts even in the most challenging environments.

Already being used in a range of industrial and utility businesses, Probe America products are providing a range of important dust and odor control benefits to users.

Odor Destructive Reagent (ODR)

AiroPure™ is a brand new innovative product (patent pending), which is a result of a research and development team creating a radical change for the odor control industry. AiroPure’s brand new sophisticated science interacts with odor molecules on a molecular level to destroy them completely and immediately. AiroPure is unique and is independently proven to be highly effective against an entire spectrum of malodor compounds.


In addition to its unrivalled odor control properties, AiroPure is also proven to kill bacteria, and will effectively inhibit the growth of water born pathogens such as Legionella to provide the ultimate peace of mind for any Customer using the product through a misting system.

AiroPure is so effective that no fragrance is needed, and therefore is available completely odorless. AiroPure is however also available with a subtle scent added on request.


Main Uses

For the elimination of odor, suppression of dust, and control of Legionella AiroPure technology has been designed to eliminate offensive odors including hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, organic sulphur and nitrogen compounds. AiroPure also inhibits the growth of gram positive and gram negative bacteria such as: Legionella, E Coli, MRCS, CDIFF, Listeria and many more. Certificates available upon request.

Use with Probe Atomizers, fogging nozzles, or direct injection via trigger bottles or back pack sprayers.


The Probe Atomizer device uses a rotating metal gauze cylinder to create droplets
of uniform size (monodispersed). The Atomizer works by injecting water into the cylinder head spinning at 12,000 rpm, dividing the liquid into an incredible 900 billion droplets per gallon. It gives a linear spray of between 60 and 90 feet and is available as a non-oscillating (static mount) or with the oscillating feature (180-degree sweep).


If you have an odor or dust issue on site (e.g. Landfill) where power or water are not readily available, the Mobile unit can solve your problem. The Mobile unit can be quickly towed to the required location, is fully self-sufficient with its own water and power supply and can handle any terrain.

Floor Mounted

The Floor Mounted unit is an 8 feet high, floor mounted, stand-alone unit. It is secured to either a concrete base or similar fixed-level surface using bolts or clamps. The unit can be located internally or externally for odor & dust control.

Wall Mounted

The Wall Mounted unit is secured to walls using either bolts or clamps.


Probe America is the odor control division
of Englo, Inc.​

Probe America
Probe Atomizer
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