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EMI E46 in use


With 25 years of experience in the production of water mist systems, EMI has developed an evaporative floating machine structurally simple, suitable for use in any environment thanks to the materials with which is manufactured, and the very low energy consumption.

The E46 is proposed as an effective solution to increase by at least 10-12 times the evaporation that would normally on the same free surface.


The nebulization of water takes place by pumping the water through special nozzles designed also exploiting the Venturi effect to also suck air in such a way to have the formation of drops with high capacity of evaporation.


The nozzles are also designed to minimize the effect of drift of the sprayed water to remedy its dispersion in case of wind, in this manner everything that is not evaporated falls in the vicinity of the machine avoiding to contaminate areas that are outside of the basin.


  • 4 kW stainless steel submersible pump

  • 2 stainless steel Ball Valve to manual switch from full flow or half flow

  • 6 nozzles HDPE with stainless steel insert for a maximum flow of 126 l/min at 12 bar (37 GPM at 176 psi)

  • HDPE circuit and fittings for hazardous ambient


Floating Platform

  • 4 HDPE UV stabilized pontoons

  • Stainless steel lifting frame

  • Dimensions of 250x250x160 cm, weight120 kg (100x100x64inch, 264 lbs)



  • Stainless steel control panel with start/stop and emergency buttons

  • Pressure sensor



  • Weather station

  • Water temperature sensor

  • Automation to fully manage the system according to the weather condition (RH, temperature, rain, wind speed and direction)

  • Data recordable for storage in database and statistic purposes

  • MOD-BUS or free radio frequency communication

  • 50/60 Hz pump

  • Modular floating system to give the possibility to add antidrift protection

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