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Disinfection Measures

Disinfection Measures

Disinfection of Outdoor and Indoor Areas

Regular disinfection is the only way to ensure our working area and our open public areas, parks, and streets, are cleaned and free of dangerous bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Our machines allow you to distribute disinfectants both indoors and over large open surface areas. The disinfectant is atomized into a fine mist made up of tiny droplets.

This fine mist then settles over all surfaces, and thanks to its slow speed of sedimentation, it even reaches into very hidden corners. 

Our Solutions for Protection against Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi

We offer a range of application machines and disinfectants.

How does the disinfection process work?

The water mist principle also applies here: the disinfectant is atomized to create a very fine mist made up of extremely tiny droplets. This mist settles on all surfaces, cleaning it of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Due to its slow sedimentation speed, the mist also penetrates right into very hidden corners.

This process uses such a small amount of liquid that there is no problem using it in indoor areas.

Solutions for Indoor & Outdoor Areas

The V7 has a reach of about 100-130 ft and needs between 5 and 26 gpm. This unit is more suitable for indoor use. The V22 has a throwing distance of 200-230 ft and needs 31-92 gpm.

Both variants are also available as an all-in-one solution with a power generator and water tank!

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