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Unpleasant odors are mainly encountered in recycling and composting plants. When attempting to combat odors in an efficient manner, it is not sufficient to simply mask the smell. It is more a case of needing to eliminate the molecules causing the foul smell. Englo offers two different solutions for deodorization.

In the first case, Probe America’s odor destructive reagent AiroPure is mixed with the finely atomized mist to combat the odor. It does not affect the natural decomposition process but merely neutralizes the unpleasant smell. The molecules carrying the unpleasant odor are bound by the compound, therefore the odor is no longer noticed.


In the second case, bacteria is added to the mist, which both eliminate the smell and accelerate the decomposition process. This solution is also harmless to the environment.


Both odor control solutions have proved to be extremely efficient and are used primarily in composting and recycling plants, material processing applications and biogas plants. 


Probe America

Probe America is the odor control division of Englo, Inc.​

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