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Dust can be defined as the fine dispersal of airborne particles of matter caused by mechanical processes or air turbulence. Dust particles in the air have adverse effects on people, the environment and the equipment used to control it.

The dust-control solutions developed by EmiControls generate a fine mist which dampens the dust, making it heavier and forcing it to the ground. It is essential for the water droplets to be small in size. Droplets of water, which are too big, such as those produced with a conventional hose, are inefficient at suppressing the dust: the available surface is smaller and the drops are heavier. Therefore they only remain in the air for a short time and this significantly reduces their dust-binding potential.


When the water is atomized to very small droplets, a large surface area is created which is ideal for binding the dust particles. Therefore more dust can be tackled with less water.


This principle is identical for all EmiControls dust-control systems – regardless of whether it is a mobile dust-laying sprayer, a stand-alone spray system or a complete system. 


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