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Onsite V22


waste water stations
recycling & composting
storage & loading areas
opencast mines & quarries
tunneling & underground mining
Viruses & Bacteria >

The disinfectant is atomized to create a very fine mist made up of extremely tiny droplets. This mist settles on all surfaces, cleaning it  bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Due to its slow sedimentation speed, the mist also penetrates right into very hidden corners.

Waste Water Stations >

Probe America offers solutions for a wide range of dust and odor control problems in a number of environments, such as sewage treatment works, quarries and foundries, or any industry where the presence of odors or dust may become an issue.

Landfills >

Whereas some nozzles can become blocked the Probe Atomizer uses two opposing meshes that slice up the water into tiny droplets. The result is no blockages and droplets at an optimum uniform size to suppress odors and dusts even in the most challenging environments.

Demolition >

Large amounts of dust are unavoidable in any kind of demolition work. When the demolition site is in a town or city then the dust really becomes a problem. The mobile dust-laying sprayers supplied by Englo are particularly good at dealing with the dust problem generated during demolition work. 

Recycling & Composting >

Harmful dust and nasty odors are generated in recycling, biogas and composting plants through the storage, crushing and sorting of various products. This results in an extremely unpleasant working environment
which can, to some extent, create health risks for the workforce.

Storage & Loading Areas >

The loading and warehousing of goods of many different kinds can generate larger than average quantities of dust which can also have adverse effects on one’s health. Englo develops solutions tailored to combating dust, whether generated by rubble, metal or other materials, in the interests of contributing to a healthy and pleasant working environment.

Opencast Mines & Quarries >

High volumes of dust, often extending over large areas, present a major challenge for the operators of opencast mines and quarries. If conditions are also dry and windy, the dust will affect not only the workforce but also, in many cases, entire housing estates in the vicinity.

Tunneling & Underground Mining >

Dust can pose a particular hazard for people working in enclosed spaces, such as in tunnel constructions and deep mining. Not only does it affect the airways but poor visibility brings added exposure to risk. 

Evaporation >

Modern nozzle and turbine technology developed by EmiControls is also used as a basis for the evaporation of water. This might typically be needed in open-pit mining, for example, to deal with large unwanted pools of water. Special nozzles can be used to atomize the water for evaporation.

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