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dust laying sprayers
odor absorbing machines

Dust-Laying Sprayers & Odor-Absorbing Machines

Mobile or Fixed Dust-Laying Sprayers and Odor-Reducing Machines

In addition to customized nozzle system installations, Englo also offers standardized dust-laying sprayers. Turbine models are made as well as dust-control lances. Both work in the same way. The nozzles generate a fine mist which binds the dust particles at source. All the models are made with high-quality and long-lasting components.


Dust control can extend over large areas thanks to the integrated pivot and tilting mechanisms. Dust-laying sprayers are available as both fixed installations and mobile units.


Thanks to these features virtually any dust problem can be solved with Englo’s dust suppression machines. The advantages of the various models can be maximized depending on their field of application.


We are happy to offer you consultation. 


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