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EMI V7 in action


The patented nozzle head on the V7 is fitted in the axial direction in the turbine and achieves a much higher projection range than comparable nozzle configurations. It has a booster
pump and can therefore also be used with the turbine switched off.

Length excl. steering assembly

(on undercarriage)


1860 mm

Length incl. steering assembly

(on undercarriage)

2360 mm

Width excl. wheels

(on undercarriage)

1430 mm

Width incl. wheels

(on undercarriage)

1820 mm

Height excl. wheels

(on undercarriage)


2140 mm

Height incl. wheels

(on undercarriage)


2320 mm


(on fixed underframe)


1200 mm


(on fixed underframe)

1000 mm


(on fixed underframe)

2300 mm

Weight on undercarriage excl.

front wheel


500 kg

Weight on underframe incl.
front wheel


540 kg

Weight on underframe

420 kg

Weight of machine only

350 kg

Max. rotation angle


Turbine incline

0º - 52º

Height adjustment facility



4 kW

Turbine motor

6, 5 kW

Connection voltage

400/440 V


50/60 Hz

Power supply connection

32 A x 5

Water supply connection

Camlock/Storz "C"

Min. water intake pressure

3 bar

Pump monitor: manometer


Water filter

250 µm

Number of nozzles

12 + 18

Water throughput

15 - 100 l/min

Halogen lamp

150 W

Remote control

radio, 100 - 150 m

EMI Controls V7
EMI V7 controls
EMI V7 nozzle

The user-friendly remote control system, the 52° tilt angle, 360° pivoting angle and the booster pump with automatic protection against freezing and running dry all combine to make the V7 into a reliable, flexible and compact dust-laying sprayer.


Typical fields of application include recycling plants, material handling & reloading facilities, woodworking and relatively small demolition jobs.

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