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remote control system
proven effectiveness

Proven Effectiveness

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The patented nozzle head by EmiControls sits inside the turbine and forms a very fine mist with a high level of protection from crosswinds, allowing it to bind almost every dust particle in the air. No additives are required in the dust-binding process.

Englo’s products are also quiet enough for use in residential and urban areas. The software is user-friendly

and with the simple push of a button or remote control the systems can be put into operation and controlled without delay.


The wide range of dust control solutions and the variety of add-on installations for the systems allow maximum levels of efficiency. In special cases designs will be customized to meet individual requirements for efficient and highly effective solutions, like fixed spray installations. All the machines can be pivoted all the way around, and the remote control facility guarantees their simple and rapid operation, immediate adjustment to wind direction, temperature and humidity.


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